Ditmar Messerschmidt

3D concept artist

Creating weapons and machines of war

Shooting for unique weapon designs for games

Hi! I’m Ditmar, 3D concept artist specializing in firearms design. I've studied game art at HKU in the Netherlands and now I'm ready to take my skills into the industry.

I view guns in games as intricate tools which should enhance the players' experience in different aspects; how does it reload, shoot, kick, and does it have any quirks or additional features? From concepts to models to animations, with my extensive knowledge of firearms design and my ability to balance creativity and function, I’m able to create unique guns for any setting and timeframe.

In need of a 3D artist to take your weapon designs to the next level? Be sure to contact me!



Graduation 2024 - Gunpowder Elves

Creating firearms for a fantasy environment with a focus on player interaction and experience.

Breech-loading rifle

Precision tool with parrying capabilities

Quad-barrel shotgun

Manually operated room clearing

Unreal Engine

3D model showcase

Design process


Internship 2023 - Iron Harvest fan animation

Designing a fortress mech inspired by the French military during the First World War, made during my internship at Janovich.

Designed and built from the ground up

Based on the 'Iron Harvest' universe created by Jakub Rozalski

Design, model, textures and rig

Animated by the amazing Janovich




internship supervisor

"I've had the pleasure to work with Ditmar during his 5 month internship. From day one he was super excited to contribute to our project and proved himself valuable through his ability to learn fast and deliver quality end products. Due to his humor and gentle politeness he is very pleasant to work with. You will benefit from having Ditmar on your team."

Daniëlle Z.

project member HKU

"Aangezien we een bouwsysteem voor de robots in onze game wilden, was het nog best een uitdaging om de verschillende onderdelen met rigs en animaties werkend te krijgen. Ik dacht dat het moeizaam zou gaan verlopen, maar het ging best soepel uiteindelijk. Ditmar heeft veel kennis van 3D art die we goed konden gebruiken tijdens dit project."

Nan K.

project member HKU

"Ditmar heeft getoond wat een 3D artist is, en heeft het hele project aan de robots gewerkt. 3D modellen, sculpten, texturen en animeren. Hij liet elke stap zien zodat wij feedback konden geven over het design. Je ziet zijn passie en ervaring in zijn werk terug."

Jesse v. E.

project member HKU

"Ditmar is een snelle werker en de kwaliteit staat altijd hoog bij hem. Ik kan altijd bij hem terecht als ik vragen heb en hij deelt zijn werk veel. Hij is altijd bij meetings en is makkelijk te bereiken om meetings in te plannen en om taken te bespreken. "